The Ultimate Solar Powered Sonic Mole Repeller

You only need to search Google for mole traps to find all manner of mole killing traps and chemicals that promise to deal with your mole problem. The truth is these traps, although quite cheap, do not work very well, and if you have pets or children, could potentially be dangerous.

Our humane solution works by transmitting a sonic frequency that moles can’t bare to be near sending them instantly away from the source without inflicting pain or killing the mole. With a traditional mole trap you have to dig a big hole in the lawn to put the trap in. These traps are used in the hope that the mole will run into it and be crushed to death. If your child or pet goes near the set trap it can inflict a nasty injury when tripped. If a mole was by chance trapped and killed in the device it can be a source of disease.

The Molepole also takes advantage of a solar cell ensuring that the device is working unaided around the clock without ever having to replace a battery.

Take action now and order a Mole Pole – don’t waste time and money on cheaper and less effective alternatives!